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Big Data Management & Analytics

Information of extreme size, diversity and complexity – is everywhere. This disruptive phenomenon is destined to help organizations drive innovation by gaining new and faster insight into their customers. So, what are the business opportunities? And what will they cost?

Fonte: Gartner| 27 abril, 2015|Novidades

The next wave of interfaces: touch, plus something else

In the days when Macintoshes all came with 9" monochrome displays, I once came upon a woman in a computer store trying to make sense of Apple’s boxy beige computer. Looking at the display, she tried to activate an on-screen button by tapping the mouse against the screen rather than sliding it around the desk [...]

Fonte: Fast Company| 27 abril, 2015|Novidades

IBM´s Watson Health Cloud is on a mission to reduce healthcare costs

Is information the answer to every problem? Perhaps, as IBM sees it, only with the right amount of access and analysis. The company is about to put IBM Watson, the jeopardy-playing

Fonte: Mashable| 27 abril, 2015|Novidades

Amazon: A compra com 1 clique na vida real

Amazon comunicou ontem o lançamento do Dash, um simples botão que realiza compra de itens recorrentes. Vai lavar a roupa e viu que usou a última tampinha de sabão? Clica no dash da Tide. Vai fazer a barba e viu que a lâmina está sem corte? Clica no dash da Gilette. Trocou o bebê e [...]

Fonte: Update or Die!| 22 abril, 2015|Novidades

Olá, mundo!

Bem-vindo ao WordPress. Esse é o seu primeiro post. Edite-o ou exclua-o, e então comece a publicar!

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